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11241231_435576729967981_4695780375556770763_nHello! My Name is Sandro and i am a Ebay Power Seller and Online Marketer.

All started about 3 Years ago with the wish to work from home to be flexible, have time for my family and be able to work from everywhere i want.
So i started to try a lot of different things to build my online business. I took all my saved money to have time to learn what it needs to be successful by making money online. I worked every Day 12 hours or more and 7 Days a Week.

I had good learning experience and very bad times. To find what is working and what not needs much time and sometimes i lost money because of scammers in the internet or products which are not working.

Now i have seen pretty everything and i finally achieved my first goal to make enough money to make a living by working from home.

And you can too.

I hope you enjoy the information you find on my Website.

For Questions you can contact me at:


Blessings to you all!

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